The New Book Exclusively for Smart Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Online, By Doyle Buehler

The Digital Delusion

How to Overcome the Misguidance and Misinformation Online.

7 Simple Steps to build real ROI - Remarkable Online Influence

"I’m on an epic quest to close the digital divide, expel the internet's ivory towers, and rid the world of online business monotony and mediocrity for entrepreneurs, and more importantly, for their audience."

Doyle Buehler

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  • The exact process that successful businesses have used to generate awareness, relevance and deep ROI Online
  • Create integrated digital design to build a robust online "ecosystem" for your business.
  • Learn the proven and award-winning 7 step sequence to becoming one of the most influential businesses online, and the industry leader for your own niche.

Based upon the Amazon Bestseller mini Book - The 7 Deadly Digital Delusions

Here’s just a fraction of what’s in the book:

How to create influence and awareness of you and your business with your audience.
  • How to cut through the clutter, bullshit and confusion of what is really important and what is simple fluff.
  • What the big agencies don’t want you to know about the industry, and how they are perpetuating the misguidance and misinformation about spending big money without getting results.
  • How to stop wasting money on advertising and actually make it work for your business, when used in this specific sequence.
  • How to integrate and align all of the online concepts together, so that they work complementary to each other - social media, images, SEO, advertising, website.
  • How to craft a clear and concise strategic architectire and a content plan and map that will set you ages apart from your competitors.
  • Create comprehensive sales funnels that respond directly to the intricacies of your specific audience, and creates long lasting impressions and influence.
  • How to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem, using digital design to dominate your digital ecosystem and of course terrorize your competitors.

"I'm not a guru, ninja, wizard or rockstar. Just someone who believes that every entrepreneur can create remarkable influence online for their business, with a solid digital framework."

Doyle Buehler

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Words of Praise

Glen Carlson
CEO, Key Person Of Influence Australia

“Most entrepreneurs still have their heads in the sand when it comes to their online strategy and Doyle pulls no punches with this book as he offers a proven methodology for driving serious results online.”

Matthew Michalewicz
Author of Life in a Half Second

"Let online expert Doyle Buehler be your coach and guide through the world of digital marketing. Practical, down to earth, and full of "how-to" advice, this book will help you become the leader in your field or industry."

Andrew Griffiths
Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author.

“At long last the Digital Delusion is smashed. There is so much misinformation and downright confusion about the online world, thank goodness someone has finally written the book to make sense of it all. ”


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